Breeding spring wheat for organic markets

  • Term: Five years, beginning in 2016
  • Funding Amount: $292,603
  • Lead Researcher(s): Pierre Hucl (U of S)
  • Funding Partners: University of Saskatchewan (U of S)
  • Project Description: The purpose of this project is to develop CWRS-quality wheat lines and eventually cultivars that yield 10% or higher than relevant check cultivars with disease resistance required for organic production systems. This project fills a market opportunity gap (rather than an information gap) in that there are currently no registered cultivars that have been developed under organic crop management systems. It is not known whether it is possible to develop cultivars that have a significant advantage over conventionally-developed cultivars. The results of this research will be in the form of elite breeding lines and eventually registered cultivars that have agronomic and marketing advantages for organic wheat growers and marketers.

Latest Research

Improving weed management for Saskatchewan growers

The program has been very successful over the past four years and has developed a solid relationship with industry and growers alike. This has led to sustained funding from industry for the herbicide efficacy research conducted by the program and it is expected to continue with this client base into the future.

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