Influence of genotype, weather and the growing environment

Influence of Genotype, Weather and the Growing Environment, and Crop Management on Gluten Strength and the Sustainability of CWRS as a Premium Wheat Class in the Prairie Region

  • Term: 3 years, starting 2015 (plus one preparatory year – 2014)
  • Funding amount: $178,921
  • Lead researcher(s): Dr. Harry Sapirstein and Dr. Paul Bullock, University of Manitoba

  • Funding partners: Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF), Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC), Manitoba Agriculture, Food & Rural Development (MAFRD) GI-ARDI program, administered by the Manitoba Wheat and Barley Growers Association (MWBGA)
  • Project description: The research will  investigate the nature of CWRS wheat gluten strength variation in milling grade samples in relation to genotype, and environmental factors both abiotic (weather) and biotic (FHB and wheat midge), and the influence of select and widely used crop management practices (application of fungicide and insecticide) to mitigate the effects of those biotic factors. The use of glyphosate as a harvest aid (with and without fungicide application at anthesis) on gluten strength and protein accumulation and aggregation of polymeric glutenin during the latter stages of wheat development is another important aspect to be addressed by the proposed research.

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