New sources of resistance to fusarium head blight in spring wheat

  • Term: Three years, beginning in 2016
  • Funding Amount: $47,917
  • Lead Researcher(s): Randy Kutcher (U of S)
  • Funding Partners: Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF), Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture - Agriculture Development Fund (ADF)
  • Project Description: The objectives of this project are to identify wheat germplasm with new sources of fusarium head blight (FHB) resistance by screening a world collection of Triticum aestivum accessions, and to identify novel alleles for FHB resistance from a synthetic hexaploidy wheat population.

    Plant Gene Resources of Canada (PGRC) has a collection of approximately 14,000 accessions of Triticum aestivum collected world-wide, which may include new sources of resistance to FHB. We will select 4000 accessions from this collection based on knowledge of the genetic diversity in collection and screen these in a field fusarium disease nursery. After two seasons of evaluation, 400 of the most promising accessions will be selected and genome-wide association study (GWAS) will be conducted to confirm the new genes for resistance to FHB.

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