Scale up and validation of a low-cost paper-based test for mycotoxins

  • Term: Three years, beginning in 2016
  • Funding Amount: $58,938
  • Lead Researcher(s): Maria DeRosa (Carleton University)
  • Funding Partners: Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC), Western Grains Research Foundation (WGRF)
  • Project Description: Mycotoxins are unavoidable natural toxins that contaminate many of the world’s major food crops. Testing crops and foods to ensure low levels of mycotoxins is a difficult undertaking. In the developed world, mycotoxin testing is often done in advanced laboratories with expensive equipment and highly trained personnel. The goal of this project is to develop a simple, inexpensive, paper-based test for mycotoxins that could be used at the farm or grain elevator with minimal training or resources.


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