• 21
    Jun 2017

    2017 Semi-Annual Meeting

    All registered wheat growers are encouraged to attend the third Sask Wheat Semi-Annual Meeting, June 21, 2017, during Farm Progress Show in Regina.

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  • 26
    Jun 2017

    "Farming for ... Profit?" Agricultural Trade Expansion - Conference

    Heritage Inn and Schmitz Barn - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

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  • 25
    Jul 2017

    Crop Diagnostic School

    Crop Diagnostic School is a one-day, interactive learning opportunity to examine plants, dig in the soil, pull weeds, catch insects, and hone diagnostic skills.

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Latest Research

Canadian Wheat-NAM (CAN-NAM): Capturing genetic variation for Canadian wheat improvement

This research builds on the application of a powerful combination of advanced genomics approaches and a newly available Can-NAM resource, allowing detection of novel alleles with high resolution and high-precision, thus enabling the rapid delivery of outcomes to the breeding program and facilitating cultivar release.

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