Aug 2017

Be aware of crop stage before applying pre-harvest herbicide to wheat

With farmers across Saskatchewan preparing for harvest, the Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission is reminding wheat producers to know the moisture content of their crop before applying pre-harvest herbicides and to always apply according to the label information.

“With the increased scrutiny many chemicals are receiving, especially from export markets, it’s important to always apply them correctly,” says Sask Wheat Chair Bill Gehl. “Chemical residues are a major issue for many customers and end users of Canadian wheat.”

Farmers see the benefits of using pre-harvest glyphosate to control perennial weeds, but it is important that farmers time their application when the grain moisture content in wheat is less than 30 per-cent, or at the end of the hard dough stage. A thumbnail pressed into the kernel will leave an indent at this stage.

soft-dough-smallSoft dough stagehard-dough-smallHard dough stageharvest-ready-smallKernel ripe for harvest

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“It’s important we work together and follow the labels to maintain the global reputation of Canadian wheat,” says Gehl. “It’s always a good idea to go to the elevators in your area to see if they have any concerns about wheat treated with glyphosate prior to harvest. The buyers follow the markets closely and know what residues importing countries and customers will accept.”


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