Jun 2016

Sask Wheat Semi-Annual Meeting 2016

Thank you to all the producers who attended Sask Wheat's Semi-Annual Meeting at the Farm Progress Show.

Please find the presentations from our speakers below.

adobe-acrobat-pdf-file-512"Herbicide Resistance" Clark Brenzil, PAg. - Provincial Specialist, Weed Control, Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

adobe-acrobat-pdf-file-512"Cigi Presentation to SWDC" Dean Dias, Director, Value Chain Relations

adobe-acrobat-pdf-file-512"Chair Presentation 2016 Semi Annual Meeting" Bill Gehl, Chair

Latest Research

Filling Gaps in Wheat Cultivar Development with Translational Research

Wheat accounts for a staggering 20% of all calories consumed throughout the world. As global population grows, so too does its dependence on wheat. Canada is a major exporter of wheat with more than $4.5 billion in annual sales

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