Jul 2015

Presentations & videos from the 2015 Farmers' Forum on Transportation available online


Setting the Stage, Producer Coalition: Historic Context of grain transportation & how we arrived in the current dilemma
Producer Coalition, presentation pdf


Steve McLellan, CEO, SK Chamber: “The Impact of Rail Access on Saskatchewan Export Potential”
Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce Presentation pdf


Murad Al-Katib, CTA Review: “Grain Transportation: Canada’s Place as a World Leader Today and in the Future”
Canadian Transportation Act Review Update Presentation pdf

Summary video


Mary-Jane Bennet, Frontier Center for Public Policy: "Does more regulation move grain?"
Summary video


Mark Hemmes, Quorum Corporation: “Canada’s Western GHTS – A Review of the Last Two Years”
Quorum, Presentation pdf

Summary video


Terry Whiteside, Whiteside & Associates, Montana: “The US Railroad Regulation Experience and Future Changes”
Whiteside & Associate, Presentation pdf

Summary video


Dr. Richard Gray, U of S: “Grain Export Basis: What's at Stake for Producers Going Forward”
University of Saskatchewan, Presentation pdf


John Edsforth, Travacon Research Ltd: Costing Review – Is it time?
Travacon Research, presentation pdf

Summary video


Dale McKeague, CTA:” Facts and Myths: Understanding the Maximum Revenue Entitlement Program for Western Grain”
Canadian Transportation Agency, presentation pdf

Summary video


Greg Northey, Ag Transport Coalition: “CTA Review: Recommendations for a more balanced legislative approach”
Canadian Transprotation Act Review, presentation pdf

Summary Recommendations from the CTA Review Coalition Document

Summary video


Ag Producer Coalition: Our Recommendations to the CTA – Did we get it right?
Our Recommendations to the CTA, presentation pdf

Latest Research

Comparing wheat allergenicity in ancient and modern wheats

This project is the first intensive study focused on characterizing the wheat gluten protein complex from a historical set of 37 CWRS wheat varieties, to study changes in glutenin and gliadin subunits over time and to identify specific changes or not both in quantity and quality in Celiac disease (CD) causing epitopes in wheat gluten complex proteins.

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